17 Aug 2010

Fiercely composing...

Sabbaticals have to be planned well. But even with the best laid plans, one has to be vigilant in using one's time wisely. My intention over the course of two months this summer was to dedicate myself to writing. The good thing is that I actually did get some things down on (virtual) paper. Even so, I feel like I had more to write and not enough time to write it in.

Mercifully, the muse strikes and can strike hot. I'm still trying to complete a complicated work which would up being anti-climactic. So, instead of pouring my energy into a brick wall, I diverted myself in an entirely new project, and lo and behold, I was able to complete that work in two days! Huzzah. It has restored my confidence and I feel like I can get back to the original composition I was trying to complete two weeks ago.

And I still have a big project on my plate: To write a work to be performed at the Vatican this fall. Yes, that Vatican. I think I need to meditate on the text for that work for some time before attacking it, but I anticipate the Divine spark will inspire.

Just have to breathe!



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